Sore, sore, sore! Keep running!

I am the sorest these last few days than I have been in years, and I played volleyball and tennis in high school!  So lets recap my few days of physical exhaustion.  On Sunday night Kevin and I played on a flag football team, which mercy ruled our opponents (when it get's to 35-0, we automatically win the game despite the time clock).  Then on Monday, I walked to and from campus twice, then went to my half hour core class at the Rec.  Today (Tuesday), I went to the Rec for a 1.5 mile run and 0.5 mile walk before and after the run, I also used some weight machines to target my arms.  The soreness oddly started on Monday after football, and I can only reason that it was because I was using muscles that I hadn't in a while.  That's actually one of the best things about trying a new exercise or sport, is realizing what muscles you've been forgetting to work out, or didn't know existed in the first place!  Kevin and my roommate along with a couple other friends have heard my moaning and groaning, literally, about my muscles, so I hope things are less sore tomorrow.  My upper thighs in particular have been pretty stiff, and the best they've felt for the past few days is when I was running earlier today, probably because they were warmed up and moving.  I'm looking forward to running again tomorrow before my core class and getting those few minutes of thigh muscle relief. Haha!

Have you ever played a new sport or done a new exercised where you rediscovered (or just discovered) a muscle you haven't worked out in a while (or ever)?

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