Back from Spring Break!

Hello all!  It's good to be back in Pullman after such a long roadtrip!  Kevin and I had so much fun on trip to Bozeman, MT to see my brother and sister-in-law (and to take engagement photos), then to Las Vegas for lots of fun.  Here is a google map of how long our trip was!  

Here is a synopsis of our trip:
Thursday afternoon: We left for Montana after I finished my last class and arrived in Missoula, MT around 6 to get our growlers refilled at Big Sky Brewing Co., then headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner (one of Kevin's favorite home-style restaurants that is only in a few cities).  After that, we continued on our way to Bozeman, MT.  After a warm welcome from my brother and sister-in-law, and a good night's sleep, we were ready to enjoy all of the greatness that is Bozeman.
Friday:  We got a late start on the day and had lunch at the best sandwich place around, called Pickle Barrel.  After that, all of us went to a brewery with some great drafts, then to a bar downtown that served Moscow Mules, which were great.  Then, we went to dinner at a restaurant that was built in an old train station.

Saturday:  We took engagement pictures. literally. all. day!  And it was so worth it because they turned out amazing!  Thanks so much to my brother Andy for being the artistic and tech-savvy one of the family!  Here are a few of our favorites:

Sunday:  On Sunday it was time to leave Montana and make our way to VEGAS!  We drove most of the day and only stopped in Idaho Falls, ID so I could show Kevin where I worked over the summer, and in Salt Lake City, UT, to take a look around the city.  By the time we got into Vegas it was just past midnight... so of course we went out to explore Freemont Street a bit.  We stayed at the Plaza on Fremont Street for Sunday through Tuesday night.
Monday:  Kevin and I explore Fremont Street together and have a good time gambling and exploring.   Later that night we had a dinner show at the Fitzgerald for a murder mystery, and a comedy show afterwards.  It was such a blast! 

Tuesday:  We went to the Mob Museum located a few blocks from Fremont Street.  It was great learning the history of mobs in the US and how it helped make Las Vegas what it is today.  My history nerd of a fiance was lovin' it!  Here is us in an interactive line-up:
Wednesday:  On Wednesday we said goodbye to Fremont Street and headed for Excalibur on the Las Vegas Strip!  We enjoyed some time by the pool before we headed down the strip to meet with Kevin's roommate and his girlfriend.  We wandered on the strip and had a great time sight-seeing.  That night Kevin and I got to the amazing Pen and Teller at the Rio!  It was one of the neatest shows I have ever seen; Kevin and I have spent days wondering how they did all their tricks!

Thursday:  We spent some more time relaxing by the pool in the warm (for us at least!) sun and under some palm trees.  Then we went to some of the main attractions on the strip, like the Treasure Island show, the Venetian gondola ride, the Eiffel Tower at Paris, and watching the Bellagio fountains. 
Friday:  We finally have to say goodbye to Vegas and make our two day drive back to Pullman.  It was a vacation full of fun times and great memories that we'll never forget.  

It took two days to drive back that was at the time, less than fun.  I'm happy to be home and back to blogging.  I have an announcement tomorrow that I hope everyone will be excited about... stay tuned :)

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