Dr. Fuhrman's Appearance on the Dr. Oz show, and Hello New Eat to Live-ers!

I hope you got to catch Dr. Fuhrman's appearance on the Dr. Oz show yesterday.  I was not so happy to find out that the name of the segment was called "The Dr. Oz Approved 7-Day Crash Diet."  For me and many others who have found health and have lost weight with Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live program, we do not find it a "diet" or a quick-fix, but a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle.

In watching the show, I felt like Dr. Oz dominated the conversation and made it seem like a commercial gimmick rather than coming from Dr. Fuhrman himself explaining the benefits and details of a nutritarian lifestyle.  All the same, if the fancy title got more people to watch and look into the details of Eating to Live, I guess the segment did it's job.

I know that I have been getting more traffic through this blog and my blog email since the show, and I'm happy to hear that so many people are as interested as they are!  I will assure any new readers that are hoping to change their health destiny that this is the way to do it!  It may seem overwhelming and daunting at first, but with time and some practice, I know that you can make this lifestyle work for you.  I would suggest, first of all, to buy Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live.  Check out the box below for a link to purchase the book on Amazon.

The reason I would suggest getting the book is because it gives you information about why this is the right eating plan for your body and your health and compares it to the Standard American Diet (SAD).  It also helps explain topics such as toxic hunger, food addictions, the calcium/dairy myth, and why plant proteins are better than animal proteins.  It also provides you a breakdown of a 6-week eating plan to start you off on your path to losing weight and gaining incredible health.  Along with two weeks worth of example meal plans, the book also contains over 30 pages of nutritarian recipes.

Another source I would suggest that new E2Lers should look into is Dr. Fuhrman's website.  It has loads of information and great tools to help you better understand how to get started and stick with the E2L plan.  Along with Dr. Fuhrman's website, there are also countless blogs like mine that regularly post new recipes and other information.  Here are some of my favorites:

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for those that are new to the Eat To Live lifestyle, or to those that are still on the fence?


  1. I, too, was looking for more comments from Dr. Fuhrman - not sure what, just more. I thought it was funny that the audience member kept asking if she could add sugar. I would add that the need to add sugar will slowly go away. I don't add any extra sweetner to my oatmeal anymore, and I stopped needing any sweetner in my tea.
    I have been enjoying your blog recently... I'm still trying to figure it all out :)

    1. the trying to figure it out, is not about your blog :) it is about the lifestyle... should have previewed that first :)

    2. Yeah, I don't think Dr. Fuhrman's lack of talking time was his fault, it definitely seemed that the show had an idea it wanted to convey that it was a crash diet rather than the amazing lifestyle the nutritarian way can be. Hopefully though, this will give Dr. Fuhrman some more publicity so that more curious people will do their own research and do what is right for them.

      I agree, my mom and I who watched the show (she is also nutritarian) thought the audience gal seemed a bit crazy-eyed at the mention of "SUGAR" or "FRIED CHICKEN!" That is exactly what food addiction looks like. She was not a good example of someone willing to make changes for her health. I had told Emily Boller on a blog post she wrote for Disease Free dot com that she should have been the one walking through with them to explain how she does every meal and how much wonderful foods you get to eat.

      So glad to hear that you have successfully cut sweeteners from your diet. I know that when I try to eat anything with artificial sweeteners now, it just tastes fake to me! I'm glad that you are enjoying my blog. Believe me, I'm still trying to figure it all out as well!

      Good luck to you and thanks for reading, Amy

  2. Today is my 2nd day on E.T.L. way of life.

    Thank you for the blog and your welcoming us newbies.

    1. You are very welcome! Good luck to you Pattsy!- Amy