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Like I mentioned in my "Confessions" post yesterday, Kevin and I moved to Puyallup, WA a little over a month ago.  We had been living in Spokane Valley, WA where I grew up.  This last spring, my husband finished his Masters in Secondary Education and had been looking for a permanent teaching position to start his career.  Little did we know, finding a teaching position as a new graduate without experience was not an easy feat.

July came and he had a few interviews here and there in the "middle-of-nowhere" central Washington, but nothing seemed promising.  Then, Kevin landed an interview with a new type of alternative high school that was opening on the west side of the state.  He was offered a job to start training the very next week!  We were ecstatic that he found something he was familiar with through his student teaching experiences, and for the same pay he would expect as a teacher in a traditional high school.

But what the heck was I going to do in Puyallup?!  As luck would have it, my company has several offices in the region, and the office closest to Puyallup in Tacoma (Fife) was looking for an Office Administrator.  This was a position I could easily move in to from being a Project Coordinator, but would involve less project work and more office responsibilities.  I talked to my supervisor and it was made official... I would be transferring to be able to start at the end of July!

The very next day after Kevin accepted the offer (Thursday), we made the drive across the state to Puyallup to start looking for an apartment that would be between our work locations and in a nice enough area.  On Friday, after a full LONG day of apartment hunting, we settled on a nice place between Puyallup, Summit/Waller, and Frederickson.  We drove back home that same day (Friday), woke the next morning to pack up our Spokane apartment (Saturday), then hauled everything across state on Sunday.

My wonderful WONDERFUL parents helped us the whole way with packing, hauling, and unpacking, as well as a few of Kevin's family meeting us at our new place to unpack.  I left Kevin in Puyallup to start work the next day, and drove back with my parents to Spokane to finish one more week of work in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene offices.  The week was spent working and cleaning the old apartment, along with seeing my adorable nephews who were visiting my parents that weekend.

That Thursday came and I was off to Puyallup to join Kevin and help him finish unpacking everything.  I quite literally told him: "Don't you touch my kitchen!  I get to decide where everything goes!"  Since moving, we have settled into our new place and new jobs.  We have had a wonderful time exploring the new area we live in.

Here are some of our adventures: 

The first weekend we were here, we went on an overnight camping trip near the south end of Mt. Rainier, which is only an hour drive away.  We went on a beautiful (but challenging) hike to see some waterfalls.  This was Kevin and my first time camping together, and I have a feeling it will become a fun summertime hobby for us in the future.

The next weekend we went to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.  From there we headed to Sequim to stay with Kevin's family and hike Storm King, which was even harder than the previous weekend's hike!  At the top we had a wonderful view of Lake Crescent!

We went hiking again the next weekend, this time to Mt. St. Helens with Kevin's parents, which was a 2.5 hour drive from where we live.  During the weekend, we got to explore some of Mt. St. Helens' lava caves and canyons.  We felt quite adventurous indeed!

Another weekend we went to a Mariner's game in Seattle.  We were able to take the light rail from Tukwila to downtown Seattle, which was lots of fun.  Unfortunately, they lost that evening, but we did get to enjoy some fireworks set to Seattle Music, which was spectacular.

This last weekend, my parents visited on Friday night.  We had a delicious dinner at home of curried pumpkin soup and Indian spiced sauteed veggies (recipe to come), and went to the Puyallup Farmer's Market in the morning.  After they headed to the rest of their trip in Vancouver, Canada, we met some friends in Auburn for a mini beer festival called Hops and Crops.

I am so delighted to be busy with so many fun things, but I have to keep diligent on making healthy homemade meals.  Tomorrow I will be sharing with you a recipe I have already made twice this last week: Indian-Spiced Sauteed Veggies!

Health and Happiness,


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