Oh Pinterest, You Procrastinating Vixen!

I have mentioned before that I LOVE Pinterest... about a million times I'm sure.  I find it a wonderful and "picturesque" way to keep track of recipes and ideas I see around the internet.

I just figured out how to add social media buttons to my blog! (Cue applause!) I'm pretty excited, as I am not especially talented with HTML, yet the buttons appeared and worked within a couple of tries!  Horray!  Now you can connect with Amy's Nutritarian by Facebook, Pinterest (obvs!), Twitter, Instagram, and E-mail with just one click!

Now on to my Pinterest favorite finds of the week:

Fall Signs Free Printables Collage
Oh yes!  It is just about fall!
I can smell it in the air... well almost,
if only this pesky 75+ weather would go away and let autumn commence!
This will be our my first fall since moving to western Washington.
 Let's hope that it lasts a bit longer than the one in Spokane does!
(image source)

Hehe!  Just a bit of healthy-eating humor for the start of your weekend!
(image source unknown)

Have I mentioned lately that I have been LOVING tea!?
I gave up coffee permanently about 6 months ago and haven't missed it much.  .
Now that fall is here, I thought I would be tempted to have a Pumpkin Spiced Latte...
that is until I saw this on Food Babe.
Every now and then I do have a Chai Tea from a coffee stand,
generally with half of the normal flavoring/sweetener,
but my new go-to teas are green, camomile, and white teas.
 have also recently been trying out Oolong and some Riboos teas.  Yum!
(image source)

Preppy style
I love this casual, yet polished look.
The cut on the top and accessories give it such a feminine feel,
while the color combos are perfect for those days that are starting to get chillier.
(image source)

Christmas tree on a boat
I'm not sure why this Christmas tree is on a boat, but it gets me excited to start planning for Christmas!
I already have two knitted presents done for my friends and family who are receiving knitted items.
Two down, only eight more to go!
(image source)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Health and Happiness,



  1. Well done! I love pinterest too but haven't as yet had time to sit down and work out how to put the pin it buttons on my blog!

    1. Hi Sandy, shoot me an email (amysnutritariankitchen@gmail.com) and I would be happy to give you the HTML code and directions to add to your blog. It took me a few trial and error runs to get it working, but I found a way to make it work with blogger. :)