Thanksgiving Appetizers

Have you finished making your Thanksgiving menu yet?  Come on buddy!  Get on it!

My mom and I collaborated earlier this week on our Thanksgiving line-up this year, which is made up of mostly Nutritarian-geared dishes and a few traditionally made dishes for the non-nutritarians.  I was rather silly and actually made a spreadsheet with the list of recipes, links to those recipes, and a grocery list down to the exact amount of each ingredient we needed.  Hopefully my super organized mom found it helpful and not too neurotic!

However, if you don't have your Thanksgiving dinner planned down into an overly obsessive spreadsheet, don't fret!  There is still time and more than enough ideas for you in the blogosphere!  I thought I would give you guys a quick list of some of my recipes to help give you some ideas.

This is a series of posts, so stay tuned for the Salad, Sides, Mains, and Dessert posts to come!

For some appetizers to start out, a variety of fresh vegetables are always a great go-to.  They are low in calories, high in fiber, and won't fill up your guests too much before the meal.  But what do you serve with the veggies?  Try one of my many hummus/bean dips.  For a fun experience for your guests, try making a half batch of your favorite 4-6 bean dips and ask your guests to debate on which is their favorite!

Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts - This is always my family's go-to recipe for basic hummus.  I made the recipe for my dad a few years ago as a Father's Day present.  To do this I did a side-by-side comparison to Sabre Pine Nut hummus (my dad's favorite) while I was making it.  We couldn't tell the difference once it was done, and have opted to make my low/no-oil, low sodium version ever since.

Fresh Chive Hummus

Spicy Buffalo Hummus

Green Split Pea Dip

Lentil-Cashew Dip

Coconut Curry Dip

Happy Thanksgiving,


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