Update from Amy

My goodness, how the time has flown!  It has been nearly two months since I've checked in, and a lot has happened since.  I had mentioned a little while back that we had goals of saving for and buying a house, well... that day has come and gone.  We started looking for houses in late February with the help of Kevin's dad who is a realtor in a town two hours away.  After looking for several weeks, trying unsuccessfully to put offers in on four different houses, we found the house and had our offer accepted the next day!

We are currently in escrow and getting ready to close before the end of the month.  In the meantime, I've been slowly boxing up our apartment (Kevin thinks I'm crazy because he prefers to pack the day before in absolute chaos.  On our last move we had to pack and move in two days, so I'm determined to have my long, organized, well boxed up move this time!).  We have also been traveling to and from Spokane (my hometown where we moved from 8 months ago) for friend's birthdays and most recently a bridal shower.

During the last few weeks, we have also been going through having a family member of Kevin's have heart issues and a quadruple bypass surgery.  Because of this, I was finally able to have Kevin watch Forks Over Knives, which I have long felt would be the most efficient and convincing way to get him to change up his bad eating habits.  We watched it together alone, and then later that week with his family member before their surgery.  The combination of seeing a loved one go through these issues and considering the documentary, Kevin made bigger changes than I've ever seen him make towards his health.

He is now eating plant-based with mostly fruit, vegetables, beans, and whole grains along with hitting the gym and being more active.  He has told me that he doesn't plan to completely cut out anything from his diet, but will have his favorites (burgers, pizza, sandwiches) rarely.  For him, I think it is the idea that he can have those things if he chooses that will keep him going.  I couldn't be happier.

During our visit to Spokane this last weekend, we enjoyed a long hike to the top of a small mountain with my parents, and kept to eating plant-based.  My nutritarian mom was thrilled to have Kevin eat her meals while we were visiting.  She made sure to include extra broccoli in the chickpea teriyaki we had for my broccoli-loving husband.  She also made her delicious waffles before we headed home on Sunday (recipe here).

Isn't my puppy just adorable!?  I miss her and my parents a lot!

Near the end of our visit, on Sunday, Kevin visited with our friends, Dannielle and Ian, who are getting married in two months, while I fit in time to see another dear friend.  Kevin talked to them about his changes and his family member that was going through surgery.  Once Kevin left they too watched Forks Over Knives and sent us the following pictures of their fridge, saying that they are going to give it a shot!  Kevin and Ian now have a challenge going on to weigh in each week up until their wedding in June.  If one of them quits the progress, the other will get to pick their 3rd round draft pick in Fantasy Football.  (For those who don't play.... it would be really bad to have a kicker or defense picked for you so early.)  It's fun to see their motivation!

Dannielle and Ian's fridge after clearing out the bad.

Dannielle and Ian's garbage with all the no-no's.
(I bet that salsa was old, because it is fine in my book and they got more of it in the picture below.)

Their fridge after stocking up from shopping.  Look at all those colors and all the green on the bottom shelf!!!

Here is their full countertop of delicious produce!
Rather than be competitive, I think Dannielle and I will take a more encouraging route by sending snapchats of our meals to each other.  Just like everyone, they have their own challenges of making changes and sticking to them, including very busy work and social lives.  I'm so excited to see them start this and am looking forward to cheering them on through their progress.  More than anything, I am dancing around with happiness that I might not be the only lone nutritarian in my age group of friends!

The next few weeks will be just as busy as the last two months have been in preparing for moving to our first house.  I'm hoping once the move settles down (and I have my own space for an office/craft room), I will be able to post more and share some recipes I've been loving lately.

Health and Happiness,



  1. Wow - what an exciting time for you! Congratulations on your new house AND congratulations on so many of your friends/family making changes to improve their health. You are such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Gira! I'm feeling so optimistic!