Nutriarian Revamp! Week 3 Meal Plan

 Hello lovelies,

I am over three weeks into my Nutritarian Revamp and I feel like I have hit such a great rhythm!  I feel like a huge part of that is the planning and preparation I have been doing with my weekly meal plan menus.  

Today I am sharing my week 3 meal plan that includes some wonderful summer produce. Including zucchini, yellow squash, sweet cherries, and mango.  This week you guys also get to try my absolute favorite green smoothie.  I am forever a chocolate lover!  This smoothie features cocoa powder, cherries, and kale, but includes rolled oats and beans to add in fiber and keep you full for longer on your busy mornings.  I got you!

I have seriously loved cranking out these menu plans and I plan to continue, but for the first portion of August, my family and I have a few trips planned (one tropical, one to my hometown and I'm so excited!), so I will be taking a short break. I will be back with Week 4 on August 20th, but until then, in this week's menu I have included links to the first two weeks of meal plans if you would like to revisit them, and I have also included a few bonus recipes to add into your rotation that include my favorite crowd-pleaser hummus.

My food photography this week is a little underwhelming because I've been busy with a few job interviews and getting ready for our trips. But what you need to know is that these recipes are delicious! 

As for an update with how coming back to this way of eating has gone for me - it has been amazing!  I am feeling so satisfied with the bigger volumes of foods.  I don't know if it is because it is summer and fresh fruit is ripe and abundant or if my taste buds are adjusting back to enjoying natural plant foods, but I just can't get enough watermelon, mangoes, and cherries!  I bought 4 huge bags of cherries this week (on sale for only $0.98/lb, yeah!), and froze a good portion of them to have for the Chocolate Cherry Green Smoothie this week. 

My hubby is still (still.... ugh) not very plant-based, but he has been participating in a simple version of a salad most days. I have had to make some non-nutritarian foods for guests in the last few weeks including some white flour breads and sugary cookies. At first I was nervous that I would have some big cravings hit, but that really didn't happen. Because I had my dessert muffins made ahead of time and plenty of fresh fruit, I didn't even want any of the cookies. And my digestion has been going so nicely, I wasn't even tempted to have any of the breads that might disrupt that.

I have reached the point where I really don't put a lot of value into what the scale says or how it moves. My health and wellbeing is my main focus - things like energy, sleep quality, stamina, and mental health are what I am after.  BUT if you wanted to know my progress I have lost over 7 lbs in these first few weeks. 

Now, if you are here for the link to Week 3 of my meal plans, here you go:

Nutritarian Revamp Week 3 Meal Plan (download link)

See you again in a few weeks!

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