Memorial Weekend

Days 5, 6, and 7 of Week 3

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend whether it included camping, BBQs, or picnics while remembering the men and women who have died for everything we have today.  My weekend included 2 birthday parties, 1 BBQ, and a few more drinks than I would like to admit.  Let's start with my daily log from the weekend:

Friday, Day 5 of Week 3
Food Log:

  • Breakfast: watermelon
  • Lunch: spinach salad with broccoli, chickpeas, and hummus
  • Dinner: veggie burger and fries
  • Extras: a few drinks out
Exercise: couples dancing at a the Iron Horse
From right: my high school friend April, Marley the birthday girl, Kevin being creepy, and me :)
How I felt:  On Friday, our friend Marley came into town to celebrate her 21st birthday with us.  We ended up starting the evening at a close by martini bar, then made our way into Idaho to go around in downtown Coeur d'Alene.  Overall, it was a pretty decent day of eating, other than I waited to eat dinner till very very late in the evening, and I'm sure that the drinks I had that night didn't help me with my health/weight loss goals.  Although I am not perfect in that regard, I still have to remind myself that I am ahead of the game with eating for health when it comes to comparing myself to others my age.  Eventually, we will get older and drinking with friends will be less and less of our social focus.  Till then, I'm going to say cheers every now and then, and enjoy myself.... While eating a bunch of salads during the day!

Saturday, Day 6 of Week 3
Food log:

  • Breakfast: none, we slept in
  • Lunch: slice of Dave's Killer Bread and celery with hummus
  • Dinner: hummus dip with chips, crackers, and veggies
  • Extras: beers throughout the evening
Exercise log: very little :(

How I felt:  During the day on Saturday, I took some me time while Kevin was visiting with a friend who was in town.   I learned how to better apply makeup for a "flawless face" with this video, and I dyed my hair dark brown.  I generally jump between dark brown and light brown throughout the seasons, and I was getting a bit sick of my grow out from my last dye, so dark it goes!  I also spent the afternoon making two different types of hummus for a BBQ/party for our friend, Danielle's birthday that evening.  I made my usual Sabre mock hummus as well as my new favorite Chive Hummus (recipe coming later today or tomorrow, I promise!).  When we arrived at the party, there were the usual burgers, so I stuck to my hummus with a few veggies and chips over the night.  I got quite a few compliments on them from hummus lovers and even some newbies to hummus.  Yum, it is my favorite!   Overall, I don't think that I ate enough in the day, let alone enough veggies or any fruit.  Not the best day, but at least I didn't go for the grilled meats (never again!). 

Sunday, Day 7 of Week 3
Food log:

  • Breakfast: potato, broccoli, and pepper breakfast skillet with a bit of hollandaise sauce
  • Lunch: whole grain chips with hummus
  • Dinner: sweet veggie curry with brown rice
  • Extras: 2 Dr. Fuhrman brownies
Exercise: Helping my parents put in their new door. Does that count?

How I felt:  Yep, just about all day Sunday was my body being angry with me for how I ate and drank over the weekend.  I felt severely dehydrated and lethargic.  It really made me realize how great eating healthy makes me feel, and how terrible deviating from the Nutritarian lifestyle makes me feel.  In the end, it was ok that I was on the couch all day nursing my food and drink hangover since Kevin and I were watching the new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix (and other Bluth family fans out there?).  Today (Monday) I am ready to get back to it and to keep progressing with my health transformation.  My goals for this upcoming week (#4 of my 6 week challenge) are to get in some form of exercise daily, to get in raw and cooked greens daily, and to cut out processed chips and breads. 

Do you feel like you have to reset your goals every week? What do you do to assure that you achieve what you set out to do?

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