Friend's Weekend Wedding

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was busy and wonderfully fun!  On Thursday I went to a church BBQ for Vacation Bible School volunteers, then on Friday morning, I helped with the final day of VBS.  Afterwards, I had lunch with my mom and she graciously came over to help me tidy up my apartment a bit before Kevin came home that evening from a week long trip to see family in Sequim, WA.

Me and fellow bridesmaid, Kaylee.
After that, I took off to go pick up the bride for the rehearsal dinner and a girl's evening at the historic Davenport Hotel the night before the wedding.  The rehearsal went smoothly, as did the finishing touches of decorating the venue.  Afterwards, the bride, the other bridesmaids, and I made our way to the hotel with champagne, nail polish, and a Cosmo (of course!).  The evening was spent with lots of giggles and some bubbly.  Just perfect!
All done up!  LOVE the pearls the bride gave all of her bridesmaids!
The morning of the wedding came and all of the girls and I headed to a local bakery (Rocket Bakery) for some coffee/chai teas and a bit of breakfast.  I was so happy to see that they had fresh fruit bowls available, and their iced chai tea with soy milk was sooo yummy!  We strolled back to our hotel to have our hair professionally done (thank goodness!), and to primp and get ready.
I got to put the bride's garter on (it was black with a mini flask attached). :)
A few of the bridesmaids headed to the Nordstroms to get their makeup done (Ha! $50 in product to get my makeup done? No way!), while bridesmaid Kaylee and I headed to the venue (Chateau Rive in the Flour Mill) with most everyone's things.  We found some free time and went up to Clinkerdagger for an afternoon drink before the bride and other bridesmaids made it to the venue.
The ladies hanging around playing
Cards Against Humanity before the wedding started.
Next were pictures of the bride and bridesmaids in the outdoor ceremony area, then playing Cards Against Humanity while waiting for guests to arrive and time for the ceremony.  The ceremony was beautiful and happy tears were had by most.  Following the reception, more pictures, and then a fun entrance to the reception of the bridal party done to Party Rock.
The lovely bride, April.
The evening progressed with dances and food and drinks and toasts.  For the dinner, they had Caesar salad, bread rolls, mashed garlic potatoes, and mushroom risotto (chicken and beef for the meat-eaters).  The potatoes and risotto were super yummy, other than the salt in them seemed a little overwhelming after a while.  I guess I have gotten used to minimum sodium by now lol!

The wedding ended with mostly close friends and family left with dancing and taking pictures in the rental photo booth (seriously so fun, why did we think of this when we got married?).  After the wedding, the bridal party and their significant others continued the party to a bar or two downtown.  Kevin and I ended up home around about 3:30, exhausted and thoroughly partied-out.
Congrats to Mitch and April!
Sunday was spent with just Kevin and I (other than the few hours he went to work).  After not seeing your husband for over a week, a nice day at home together is so needed!  Plus, we had Drunk History episodes to catch up on!

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