Late, Late Weekend Post

Well this should be called the weekend of failed recipes.  The first that I tried on Saturday was a carrot cinnamon bread, a recipe that I had found on a random blog.  It had some odd ingredients such as 1 TBSP on baking powder and a can of white beans and its juice pureed.  I decided to give it a try anyways.  It turned out terrible, maybe because I didn't bake it long enough or something, but it had a very bitter almost sour taste that I couldn't even get down.  So that when into the trash unfortunately.  On Sunday I attempted to make my own sweet potato chips, but those did not turn out very well either.  I made the chips from sweet potatoes that I peeled to make 1/8 inch slices, covered them with a water, oil, and spice mix, then baked them for 15+ minutes laid out on a baking sheet.  This too did not turn out as I had hoped.  The chips at the edges of the pan were burnt, while the middle of the pan chips were still floppy.  Needless to say, this recipe was also a flop.  My sister-in-law suggested I invest in a mandoline slicer, and I may someday, but for now I will be sticking with store-bought sweet potato chips such as, the all natural Sweet Potato chips from Food Should Taste Good.  So, unfortunately, I will not be posting a recipe from this weekend, but look forward to my post later today.

One great thing about this weekend was the publishing of my photograph from my recipe a while ago, Roasted Apples and Parsnips, on the Whole Foods Market website.  Follow this link to see the official recipe and photo on WFM.

Back to failing recipes:  One recipe I can never seem to make work are chickpea patties.  I've found multiple recipes for them and have tried and tried, but no matter how hard I try, they always seam to fall apart in the skillet.

Is there a recipe that you just can't seem to get right?


  1. I've never tried to make chickpea patties, but I assume you mash the chick peas. Is there an egg or at least an egg white in the recipe? There's nothing like egg goo to glue a good patty together. :)

    The recipe I can never seem to get right is my mom's homemade Indian turkey curry. No matter how many times she's told me how to make it and how many times I try, it never turns out like hers. This year I'm going to stand right next to her in the kitchen while she makes it, so I can figure out her secrets.

  2. I have tried egg whites in the recipe, but it still just crumbles into more of a scrambled bean mixture. I might try baking them sometime or something. Yum, Indian Curry sounds great. There are so many cooking secrets left to learn from mothers! One of the best tips I've learned from my mom is to freeze whole tomatoes, take them out when you need them in a stew or soup, run them under hot water to slide the skins off, and plop them right into the crockpot. You can easily mash them up as the stew cooks. -ANK

  3. That's actually a trick from Grandma! She taught me it when I was living with her. So now it's been passed down at least 3 generations that we know of. :)