November: Another Great Month to Eat in Season!

November is yet another great month to eat in season produce!  So far I have most enjoyed fresh pumpkin this month, but I also plan on trying out jicama, beets, arugula, and acorn squash in a few recipes. Here is the list of what is seasonal:

What's seasonal?- November
Acorn Squash          Coconuts              Persimmons     
Apples                Cranberries           Pomegranates
Arugula               Dragon Fruit          Pummelos
Bananas               Fennel                Pumpkins
Beets                 Jicama                Quince
Butter Lettuce        Kumquats              Romaine Lettuce
Bok Choy              Mushrooms             Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli              Oranges               Turnips
Brussels Sprouts      Parsnips
Cauliflower           Pears

Which seasonal foods will you be using this November?  Are you using any for Thanksgiving?


  1. This is the best healthy snack recipe I have found yet. Great for Sunday football with beer. I chop up my cauliflower as soon as I get it home and store it in the refrigerator in large ziploc bags. That way I can just throw the spices in and shake it up whenever I'm in need of a snack. :)


  2. What a great idea! I'll be using this recipe for Thursday, because trying it last night definitely made it a new favorite! Do you heat it up when you snack on it, or just have it cold? -ANK