Stressful week, and Need for Meditation

It has been a stressful week so far for me, and we aren't even halfway through yet!  This week is the first round of mid-terms for me, meaning that each class I have gives out three exams throughout the semester, and they usually end up on the same week.... this is one of those weeks for me.  The worst of it is done after today of being on campus from 9 am to probably 9 pm, and I'm already done with the my biggest exam of the week: Molecular Genetics.  You might be wondering, "But Amy, aren't you an Environmental Science major with a focus on water systems?  Why on earth would you need to know genetics down to the molecular level?"  Believe me, imaginary-blog-reading-person-who-prompts-me-with-exactly-what-I-want-to-rant-about.... I've been wondering the same thing.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a senior at Washington State University and will be graduating with an Environmental Science degree in May, granted I pass all of my remaining requirements this semester.  One of the requirements for my major is an upper-division biology, specifically molecular genetics.  It is a remarkable subject that is very relevant for many majors at the school like medical fields, molecular biology, bioengineering, etc.... but in my opinion, not EnviSci!  It has been exhausting to try to learn all of the particular terms for molecules, enzymes, and proteins, all while knowing that the second I graduate I will never think about these things again.  So frustrating!  

Please excuse my rant, the subject has been a source of frustration for me that has seemed to accumulate the past few and burst into a blog post today.  I know that when I'm stressed like this I sometimes look to food for comfort and relaxation.  My excuse would be that "eating on days like this is the only time that I get to relax, so I'm going to eat what I want."  I know that this is an unhealthy thought process, and I'm working on it... starting today.  I have packed a healthy lunch and dinner for being away from home all day to prevent me from spending money at the fast food restaurants on campus and wasting my money and my health.  I'm also making sure to stay hydrated throughout the day so that I don't get home starving for something to quench my thirst that is mistaken for hunger.  

What are your strategies of keeping to a healthy plan when you are busy and stressed out?


  1. I try to keep to my exercise program, because exercise is mainly stress release for me. Good luck getting through this period!

    1. Good advice Wendy! I've been imagining as I'm working out this week with squats and my leg muscles are burning, that my DNA is replicating to create more muscle cells. No reason why I can't turn my frustrations with genetics class into motivation! :)

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