Great Weekend with my Mom, and my New Reading List

Thank you to all who suggested books for my reading list!  I can't wait to start reading through them.  Here is my reading list for this summer:

Super Immunity, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman,
The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention, by Karrie K. Saunders,
The Pleasure Trap, by Douglas Lisle, PhD,
Thrive, by Brenden Brazier,
The Beauty Detox Solution, by Kimberly Snyder,
How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, by Eydie Mae Hunsberger with Chris Loeffler, and
Eating and Fasting For Health, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

If you would like to read along with me, or are interested in a few of these books, you can find links to them at the bottom of this post to buy them from Amazon.  If you use these links when you buy, a small amount of the cost will go to supporting Amy's Nutritarian Kitchen.

This last weekend was Mom's weekend at WSU, so my mom traveled down to visit and we had a blast!  On Friday when she arrived, we drove over to Moscow for a light lunch at the Co-op deli.  I had a kale salad with probably one of the better tofu's I've ever had, and we split a package of Chickpea Flour Rolls that were delicious!  My mom says that she wants to try making more things like rolls with chickpea flower.  

After that we went to WSU's Student Rec Center for a mother/daughter spa and tea.  We got to spend 15 minutes having a spa-foot bath, 20 minutes with a professional neck and back massage, and the rest of the time having freshly brewed tea with fruit, veggies, and deli items.  It was so relaxing and wonderful that my mom was convinced that I needed to get a full body 50 minute massage before I dive into finals in a few weeks.  I am such a lucky girl!  

After being thoroughly relaxed, we walked next door to Beasley Coliseum to wander around the massive craft fair.  We found a pair of earrings for both of us that match the colors of her dress and my shoes for Kevin and my wedding in September.  It is such a fun girly thing to walk around and enjoy looking at pretty things.

Later, that night we watched the Mariner game at Kevin's place, then took a nice walk to a Mexican Restaurant nearby.  We went to bed very early that night because we had plans to wake up an hour before the crack of dawn and hike up Kamiak Butte to watch the sunrise.  As we planned, we woke up early and headed out in the dark and cold of the morning.  When we got to the top of the huge hill, we welcomed the warm sun and beautiful morning!
Here comes the sun!
This is a view of the Palouse in Washington State.  In the distance we could see some buildings of WSU, but you can't see it too well in this picture. 
We were cold, but it was a great hike.  (My mom has on a furry snow hat,  she does not have that fluffy of hair hehe)

Later on Saturday, my mom and I went to a wine tasting event at a local bar called Vahalla.  We were given 12 tickets for 12 wine samples from a choice of over 30 wines.  Along with that we got more fruit, veggie, and deli snacks, along with chocolate dipped strawberries, which were the best!  12 samples of wine were way stronger than we were expecting, so we had to have Kevin pick these tipsy girls up and take us home!  After that we went back to the same Mexican restaurant with my roommate and her mom, then crashed for bed thereafter.

It was a wonderful weekend that involved lots of laughs, good food, and a bit too many drinks.  Love you mom!

Which one of the books on my reading list looks most interesting to you?  Would you guys like to see some book reviews and giveaways over the summer?


  1. Looks like fun! I love the pics of the palouse and your "About Me" section. My brother just graduated from Moscow, we hope make it down there someday soon. Enjoy reading for fun!

    1. What a funny coincidence! I'm so happy to be graduating from WSU in two weeks. It really is a beautiful area, and I will be sad to leave for that.
      My book list will definitely be entertaining, I'm kind of a "nutritarian" nerd ;)
      Thanks for reading!- Amy

  2. As the mom of 2 girls, 22 and 19, I love this blog post! There is nothing better than spending quality time with your daughters. I'm sure your mom had a blast!

    1. I'm the only girl with three older brothers, so my mom and I love to get our girl time together too. :)
      Thanks for reading-Amy

  3. Laura Schott4/19/2012 11:53 AM

    Hi Amy! What a fun post, looks like you and your mom had a great time! I just found your blog recently (through Wendy at Healthy Girl's Kitchen I believe), and I'm so excited I did. I can't wait to try your Panang Curry Spring Rolls!

    Also, I would love to see some book reviews and giveaways, maybe even like a book club where we could all read along together and chat about the books.

    1. Welcome to my blog Laura! I hope you enjoy the Curry Rolls, but watch out for the how hot your spices are (unless you are wanting to make your water consumption go through the roof like I did).

      I love your idea of a book club over the summer! As I am finishing school in the next few weeks, and have a vacation planned after, so I won't be able to start reading through my list till near the end of May. In the next few weeks, I hope to have a schedule of dates when I will be reading each book, so that you guys can follow along if you'd like.

      Thanks for reading.-Amy

    2. I made the Panang Curry, but ended up not making it into rolls because I was short on time. It was sooo good! I did not use the jalapeno...it was still plenty spicy but then again I love things extra hot. Anyway, it was one of the best things I've made lately, and I was beyond excited to have leftovers for lunch the next day! Thank you for the awesome recipe.

      Good luck with finishing up all your schoolwork and have a great time on your vacation wherever you're headed! I'll keep my eyes out for the book club.

    3. I'm so glad you enjoyed the curry, it's one of my favorites. A suggestion I might make if you don't want to do spring rolls is to use it as the filling for lettuce wraps. It'll still taste great, be easy to eat, and you'll get more greens in. Yay!

      Thanks for the well wishes. This is my last week and I feel like I am counting down the hours. :)