New Job and Recipes to Come

Hello my lovely readers!  I'm so sorry that I have been a bit absent this week. This is week three at my new job and I am just starting to settle in from all of the excitement and newness of it. As a result, I've been fairly mentally tried when I get home, so I have shied away from anything too complicated or innovative in the kitchen.

On Wednesday, Kevin and I had a fun evening with my parents when I made them a new dish I have been loving, but is not quite blog ready (at least picture-wise). All I will tell you is that it is an Indian dish with lots of greens and a spicy punch Mmm!  I also tried my hand at making homemade tahini. After lightly roasting the sesame seeds and blending them to heck in my food processor (unfortunately with a little bit of oil to help it along), I ended up with the perfect consistency of store bought tahini. The taste was not quite what I was hoping for though. I think I toasted the seeds for a little too long because the final tahini had a bit too much of a browned taste to it. I decided I could do better next time I tried by not roasting it for nearly as long and be able to make it without any oil. I will let you know how my next batch goes.

I am so determined to make homemade tahini, (1) because store bought is way too expensive, (2) I want to see exactly what goes into it (no salt or preservatives), and (3) a reader of mine requested that I recreate and nutritarian-ize Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing that she enjoys. I got a bottle of this dressing last week to have a comparable and to be able to look at the ingredients list.  Tahini is the main ingredient for this dressing, but it also has quite a zing to it. I'm planning on giving it's recreation a shot this weekend and hope to have the recipe ready for a post next week.

Again, sorry I don't have any new recipes for you this week!  Hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your new job. What line of work are you in?

    I love Trader Joe's Goddess dressing, but can't have it because it's not gluten-free. I'm looking forward to your re-make of it!

    1. Thanks Nikki! I currently work at an engineering firm as a Project/Office Assistant. I got my degree in Environmental Science and they do some work with environmental reports, so I'm hoping to be able to get some experience, or at least overhear some useful information while I'm there.

      I have to admit, that this was my first time trying the TJ Goddess dressing. I liked the kick it had to it, but I found it to be a bit too thick to me. I'll be doing my mock recipe without any oil (other than what is naturally in the tahini), so hopefully mine will yield the same kick, but a little less thick.

      Thanks for reading,