Day 2, Week 5

Here is a quick (and unformatted) daily log.... This work week will be a long one!

Food Log:
Breakfast: 1 apple, 4 small plums
Lunch: romaine lettuce topped with Mexican black beans, pretzels on the side, 1 peach
Dinner: steamed collard greens with mango balsamic vinegar, 1 peach
Extras: 2 beers at our weekly friend meet up

Exercise log: we were planning on going on a hike in the afternoon, but instead went on a wild goose chase to figure out why my husband's laptop wasn't working... Waking up tomorrow for some at home Pilates and yoga... Very early tomorrow.

How I felt:  Today went by so quickly. It seems to be such a busy week at work, and in the evening it was just as busy running around for computer errands (grr!) and meeting up with friends.  I was inspired for dinner tonight by a post earlier this week on Healthy Girl's Kitchen about how Chef AJ eats steamed greens for breakfast in the morning, so I decided to give it a try for dinner.  It was plenty filling and tasted great with this new spicy mango balsamic vinegar I got a week or so ago. I think I might give greens for breakfast a shot tomorrow morning after my work out.  Also, Kevin and my Chive shirts came in the mail yesterday! Any fellow Chivers that read?  I was pretty happy to see that the shirt I ordered fit perfectly... Hopefully it will be a bit oversized as I keep moving forward with improving my Nutritarian lifestyle. :)

Have you ever eaten greens in the morning besides in green smoothies?


  1. If you ever do a tofu scramble or quiche greens work really well in that. I have also had a salad for breakfast before, so totally got my greens in that way :-)

    1. I've never tried a tofu scramble, but I definitely like the idea of getting my greens first thing in the morning. Especially come summer, I feel like a salad for breakfast would be such a nice way to start the day. Thanks for your comment :)