New Resources/Recommended Tab

Hi everyone!  I don't have too much time this week for blogging, but I thought I would stop in and show you a new feature on my blog.  I have added a Resources/Recommended Tab to my blog.  On this page I have included some links to professional doctors and researchers who support a whole foods plant-based diet.  I have also added some links to Like-Minded Bloggers who I follow and inspire me.

Below the links, I have also included four different categories of Amazon product recommendations that include Appliances I Use, Kitchen Gadgets I Like, what is On My Bookshelf, and my personal Wishlist.  This will just give you an idea of what I have to work and reference from as I create my recipes on the blog.  If you happen to like one of the items and you purchase it from my link, I will get a small profit from Amazon for advertising.

I really don't earn hardly any money from blogging, but when I earn money off of Amazon, I use it towards giveaways back to my readers.  I haven't had a giveaway in a LONG time, so including Amazon advertisements on my blog is one way that I can try to make giveaways and freebies happen more often.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week.

Health and Happiness,


  1. Love your bookshelf :-) looks so similar to mine ;-) lol

    1. Thanks, Sandy! So many books, so little time, unfortunately! I'll get through them all someday!