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Gotta love Pinterest!  It is great for getting and sharing ideas as well as killing time when you are procrastinating, of course!  For those of you on Pinterest, you can find and follow me on Pinterest here:

I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite pins as of late...

Thai-Style Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Recipe // Dula Notes
This idea for a Thai Baked Potato Bar came from Dula Notes.
It's my turn to host lady's night on Thursday ,and how easy would it be to
bake some potatoes, cook up some peanut sauce, chop the toppings,
and have a potato bar set up?  I could also set out my Coconut Curry Hummus leftovers!

Lace cornstarch window treatment07
How perfectly lovely is this DIY lace window pane treatment?
This one is from Annabel Vita, and only requires corn starch, water, and lace.
It can be a temporary treatment that will wash off with warm water.

ella by hannah fettig / quince  co piper
I'm dying to make a cardi with some of the yarn I got over the holidays,
but was worried I wouldn't be able to wear what I make until autumn.
 I think this little bolero from Quince & Co. would work perfect for summertime.
I love the simple texture and classic pattern!

Homemade Foundation Powder | Live Simply
I finally aquired all of the ingredients I needed from Vitacost.com
to make my own homemade foundation powder.  I followed the recipe from
Live Simply, and used Tea Tree oil as my essential oil.
I think I need to add a bit more cinnamon to my mix, but it has been
working perfectly to keep my face matte, and it smells great!

How AHH-MAZE-ING does this look?!
I love all of the Indian recipes from Vegan Richa like this cauliflower keema.

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