Summer Salad Recipe Roundup

What are you doing for the 4th of July this year?  I am staying in town and working extra hours and cover for a co-worker who is taking a few days off.  Then on the 4th I'm planning on hanging out at my parent's house with my dog while they are out of town.  They have a nice deck looking over their beautiful yard, so I think I will get some much needed Vitamin D while I read and relax.

Then in the evening on the 4th, a few good friends and I will be going to my office in downtown Spokane to watch the Riverfront Park fireworks go off at dusk from our private balcony.  It should be lots of fun, although I will miss Kevin.  My husband is heading out to Sequim, WA today to go with his family on their annual trip to Ocean Shores for the 4th.  I went last year and had a hoot, but I have to stay behind this year for my girlfriend's Bachelorette Party on the 5th.

Now on to the recipes!  Summer BBQs, picnics, and pot-lucks can often be hard times for those following a Nutritarian lifestyle.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to bring my own bean burgers to a party!  Another go-to is to bring a colorful salad for everyone to have.  You may be surprised to see those die-hard meat-eaters going back for seconds on some of these!

Patriotic Grain Salad
(Patriotic Grain Salad)
Celebrate the red, white, and blue this summer with
this (somewhat) color-coordinated salad.
With a tzatziki-like dressing, this one is sure to be a hit!

Crisp Cucumber Celery Salad
(Crisp Cucumber Celery Salad)
This salad is super crisp and perfect for summer parties.
Feel free to chop the celery and cucumber as small
as you like for easier serving as well.

(Ginger Kale Slaw)
This is one of my all-time favorite salads!
I made it a few summers ago trying to copy-cat a healthy
version of a ginger dressing from a local teriaki place.
In the end, I love this more than I ever did the SAD salad! 

(Lemony Israeli Cous Cous)
This unique take on cous cous is not only
delicious and satisfying, but will leave party-goers
asking you for the recipe. :)
Kitty's Asian Slaw
(Kitty's Asian Slaw)
This is one of my mom's go to salads that she makes for pot-lucks.
It is quick to throw together and has a sweet
 sesame flavor that everyone will enjoy.

(Pomegranate, Lentil, and Wheat Berry Salad)
This salad really packs a pop of flavor and the contrast
of the green kale and red pomegranate make it visually
appealing to those passing down the buffet line.

Flavorful Tahini and Grain Salad
(Flavorful Tahini and Grain Salad)
Serve this grain-based salad on its own or
with some chopped spinach or kale mixed it.

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