Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a great week.  At my work we are celebrating Halloween today (Thursday) with a pot-luck because we don't work this Friday.  To the pot luck, I am bringing my Three Bean Chili (picture and link below).  Several other people have brought meat and SAD dishes, so hopefully my chili will bring some much needed veggies and beans for aided digestion!

For actual Halloween, I'm planning on wearing my witch's hat to a small yarn store nearby and joining in their afternoon sit-and-knit session.  Since moving to the west side of the state, it has been hard to make new friends, so this is my effort to be bold and meet some new people.  Oh well if they have a decade or two more knitting under their belt... or lace shawls!

Anyways, I thought I would stop in real quick and share a few of my old and not so old blog recipes that would go well with however you are celebrating Halloween.  These recipes did have original names noted below, but I have renamed them on this post in the spirit of Halloween. :)

Start off your Halloween with some delicious and nutritious snacks!
Spicy Ghostly Trees
(Roasted Cajun Cauliflower Snack)

Dragon's Blood Cocktail
(Immune-Boosting Juice - no alcohol)

Load those ghouls and goblins with their veggies:

Roasted Goblin Toes
(Roasted Brussels Sprouts)

Howl at the Moon Pizza
(Get it?  Like a pizza looks like a full moon.  Ok, it was a stretch, but I thought it was creative!)

Warm up those Trick-o-Treaters with some soup or chili:
The Great Pumpkin Soup
(Pumpkin Basil Soup)

Devil's Halloween Chili
(Three-Bean Chili - add cayenne to make "Devil-spicy")

Finish off the night with a better-than-candy dessert:
Cemetery Mud Chocolate Dip
(Brownie Batter Dip)
Happy Healthy Halloween,


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