Oktoberfest Weekend 2014

This weekend, Kevin and I made our annual trip to Leavenworth, WA for one of the Oktoberfest weekends.  We met our group of 11 people there, cramming into two hotel rooms, and had just a blast.  I thought I would share some of the fun pictures my good friend Matt took over the weekend.

My friend Matt shmoosing with some older gentleman.  He is an old man at heart, we always tell him.

Matt and Kevin near the end of the first evening.  They had a little TOO good of time that first night... ;)

Most of our group at the end of the first evening.... except for the gal on the left.  We don't know her.  Kevin has had a bit too good of time.  Stephanie (top) and I (sitting) are enjoying our matching outfits and the fact we took it a bit easier so we could enjoy the second day.  

Our group on the second day relaxing in our nice hotel patio area.  At this point, all of the people on the "struggle bus" from the night before have gotten up and are ready for another fun night.

Our friends Ian and Dannielle, who are getting married next summer.  Dannielle officially asked me to be a bridesmaid over the weekend.  So excited to see these two join the married-club soon!

Our friends Kyle and Moody enjoying a beer while the women get ready for the evening.

From left: Stephanie, me, Dannielle, Ashley, and April below.  Ruining the moment: Mitch and Ian.

The lovely ladies of Oktoberfest 2014.  I wasn't planning on dressing up until Dannielle told me she had ordered an extra dirndl that wouldn't quite fit her girls.  Score!

Bring on the evening!

I believe this was our faces when prompted with "How would you feel if there were no more beer?"

Us hanging around town when the guys picked up some liquor and cokes to drink outside of the festival.  Beers in Oktoberfest cost $7 for a pint, rather than the $5 last year.  :(

Kevin and I getting cozy on the grass.

Selfie of Matt and I while waiting for the others to use the port-o-potties on the way to the festival.  Ok, I seriously don't have a double chin.  This is just one of those looking-downward angles!

Fun face-cutout sign in the festival.

Kevin bought another silly hat to wear all night.  On the bright side, it had orange LED lights in it, so it was super easy to spot him from a distance!

Matt met some interesting characters within the festival.

We randomly saw I guy with some .... jugs of beer?

Thanks to everyone who came this year.  Can't wait for next Oktober!

Health and Happiness,


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