Thanksgiving Menu 2014

Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving yet?!  This year we are going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving across the state in eastern Washington.  Thankfully, as I have mentioned many times before, my parents are also nutritarian, so healthful and delicious foods will not be hard to come by this holiday!  We will have a few dishes on our menu not nutritarian-friendly for my husband, brother, and sister-in-law.

Here is our lineup:

For the night before Thanksgiving as everyone is getting into town, we are having a simple dinner of Vegan Red Beans and Rice with a simple side salad.  Find my recipe for red beans and rice here.

Thanksgiving Day

Breakfast: Mom's Whole Grain Waffles/Pancakes


Grandma's Garlic Dip - A recipe deep in our family tradition, but not nutritarian
Layered Taco Dip - My mom recipe she has used for years, although she has modified it to nearly eliminate the bad stuff (cheese and sour cream)
Amy's Hummus - This has become a family favorite in recent years.  Find my recipe here.

Veggies, fruit, crackers, pita bread


Pomegranate and apple salad - inspired by this recipe, but we will be making our own oil-free dressing
Mashed potatoes - the traditional kind with butter and milk for the non-nutritarians at the feast
Mushroom Herb Gravy - healthier version of gravy, recipe here
Baked Oriental Sweet Potatoes - This is my new favorite type of sweet potato.  It has a pink/purple skin with white insides.
Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffing, with Roasted Brussels Sprouts - recipe here and here
Traditional Stuffing - for the non-nutritarians
Macaroni and Cheese - for my husband mainly, recipe here
Whole Wheat Rolls - my mom's recipe


Vegan Cabbage Rolls - recipe here
Small turkey with traditional stuffing


Marrionberry Pie - store bought
Pumpkin Pie - traditional homemade crust, with this vegan pumpkin filling 

Is our Thanksgiving line-up perfectly nutritarian?  Of course not!  But it is miles and miles more healthful than most of the Thanksgivings we grew up with.

Did I mention that I get to see these two butterballs next week?  I just can't wait to see my nephews!

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving?

Health and Happiness,


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