Trip to Vancouver, BC for Kevin's Birthday

Hi all!  I mentioned in a post earlier this week that Kevin and I had gone on a long weekend trip to Vancouver, BC for his 25th birthday.  Because of the time of year, Kevin's birthday is often overshadowed by Christmas and New Years, so I always put in extra effort to make his birthday fun and exciting.  Since this is his first birthday since moving across the state where we would usually celebrate by going out on the town with friends, I decided a little surprise trip somewhere we hadn't been together would be fun.

I had everything planned down to a T with the hotel, activities, restaurants to try, and it was a very fun trip besides a few negatives (a.k.a. how crazy traffic is in Vancouver and the fact that our car battery was dead after sitting in a garage for 3 days.  Thank goodness for AAA!).  I won't bore you with all of the gory details of the trip, but here are a few pictures of our adventure.

Capilano Bridge Park - one of the suspension bridges in the background.

Bridge suspended off of a cliff face.  This one unnerved me more BECAUSE it didn't sway.

Kevin has fun with the Christmas decorations at the Park.

Kevin on one of the tree suspended bridges.  They still had their dazzling Christmas lights up.

This is the largest bridge in the park.  It suspended across a large canyon with a river below.

One of the nights we had dinner at an African Cuisine restaurant (Hello red kidney bean curry!),
 then went to a skyline lounge that rotated so we got a few of the whole city at night.

Isn't this neat building and old taxi so picturesque?!

On our last day in town we bundled up and went to the waterfront and Gastown.

Here is a view of the downtown skyline from their convention center on the waterfront.

Happy 25th birthday to the greatest man I know!

Health and Happiness,


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