Welcome Dear Vitamix!

Please join me in welcoming the newest addition to my kitchen.... the Vitamix 5300!!!!  I'm currently contemplating what to name her/him.  I think it should start with a V, just so I can remember it better.  Vasco?  Vladamir?  Victor?  Vera?  I'll work on it.

Here is the beauty making me a berry smoothie for breakfast the other morning.
(The Husband who leaves earlier than me for work was quite jealous when I sent him a picture.)
I am lucky beyond belief that my parents thought an appropriate exchange of goods and services was to give me a Vitamix for watching their pup for the last month or so.  (I think I got the better end of that deal, but don't tell them!)

Now, since we were first married four years ago, I have had a very good KitchenAid blender.  It got the job done (with time and often lots of spatula scraping) enough so that I could never think of a good enough excuse to abandon it and spend a small fortune on a Vitamix.  I just kept hoping that a time would come that it would "vroom" its last and we would simultaneously win the lottery.... or at least a really good scratch ticket.

Alas, this wildly impossible situation did not need to come.  When the my parents came to visit last weekend, my Dad brought in a sizable box and pronounced it as their "thank you" for watching Tilly (now and at least one more time).  I ripped open the brown paper wrapped package to see just a part of one side.  It had a fondue bowl on it.  I have been lactose intolerant for over a decade and mostly avoid (especially liquid) cheese at all cost.  My parents know this, so I had a momentary mind panic of what I would say.

Here is it on its virgin run in making Hummus (recipe on my food blog here).
More of the brown paper came off to reveal a brightly colored smoothie.  I knew what this was!  Jumping up and down squealing in my robe and slippers followed.  The Husband looked on with only a portion of the enthusiasm I was experiencing (he will understand my joy when I get to using it more and more this week... and forever!).

So far, I have made quite a few fruit smoothies to share with Kevin, a few green smoothies just for me, hummus and pinto bean dip, my favorite ranch dressing, a BBQ sauce for my tofu the other day, and even a soup base to make Kevin tortilla soup on the stovetop.  Each time perfect results.  Now I know what I have been missing all of these years!  I think there has been a day I've even used it 5 times....  LOVE!

Kevin and my conversation later on Sunday after my parents headed home went something like this:
The Husband: So you are covered for life when it comes to kitchen stuff right?
Me:  Yes.
The Husband: Ok, good, because next time you--
Me: Well, at least for now.  Let me clarify, I am covered on major appliances for a long long time.  Having this now means that I can give away my old blender, my old food processor, and my old mini food processor.
The Husband:  Sigh.
Health and Happiness,



  1. I love my vitamix. I call it the- worlds- most- expensive-blender. All one word. 😀