Happy Monday, Goals, Thoughts, and Pinterest Favorites

Happy Monday Everyone!  I know, aren't we all supposed to hate Mondays?  Well, funny enough, I love Mondays at work because it is my busiest day and I get to do payroll at my job.  Funny how I graduated with an Environmental Science Degree, yet I have become a payroll nerd.  Oh well!

Since I'm moving on to a new part of my life very soon (I'm getting married in 33 days... yes I have a count down...), I have been spending some time reevaluating myself and my habits.  I know that I would love to be more organized in my everyday life, from planning my budget, to planning my meals and outfits for the week.  I would like to be more Plant-perfect and more strict with my eating habits and schedule.  I would like to be more rigorous with exercising and sticking to my plans.  I would like to have less clutter and more room.  I would like to spend more time reading and less time hooked to my electronics.

I decided that this is a lot to change in one week, so I'm going to do a few things per day.

Monday: Clean room, pack tomorrow's lunch, pick out tomorrow's outfit

Tuesday: Go to Zumba class in the evening

Wednesday:  Eat Plant-perfect, drink lots of water

Thursday: Take the evening away from electronics to read (Food, Inc. is what I've been reading lately)

Friday: Donate that bag of clothes I've been meaning to

I think I'm a small goals type of person.  I'm the type that needs to set small goals continuously before it becomes a habit.  Lets hope a few of these become habits.  It's strange the habits that we allow ourselves to have.  I know a few of mine are useless or harmful in ways.  Here are some bad habits I will admit to... for now:

I go out to eat too often
I drink beer on a semi-regular basis with friends
I don't hang my clothes up immediately after they are done drying (so they usually wrinkle)
I spend more time on my phone and computer than I do with real people sometimes
I dream of being organized and clean on Pinterest, but never actually organize or clean
I overeat, especially when I'm bored
I have a long reading list, but it takes me forever to finish a book
I use the excuse that I'm busy, when really I'm just lazy
I have soda or coffee a few times a week when I'm feeling sluggish

I'm sure that there are many more that I haven't thought of today, but to be realistic, we all have bad habits that we hate to admit to.  I dare you to tell me one of yours in a comment below.... ;)

I've been enjoying Pinterest on a regular basis lately.... ok, I'm on it all the time!  If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, find me at this link.  Here are a few favorite pins of mine from the last week:

Indian Spiced Brussels Sprouts from Fuss Free Cooking.  I've been loving the combo of brussels sprouts with cranberries, savory with sweet!  Here is a link to a recipe of mine with this same combo.

I love this chart with grain to water ratios!  I know I always have to go searching online for the right ratios right before I'm about to cook them, usually because I buy grains in bulk without packaging or directions.  My only suggestion is that this would also include cooking time.  (Link to original website)

I'm not sure of the original source of this image, but I found it a few weeks ago on Pinterest and have used it every time I work out.  I've always had fairly muscular legs, but this routine has not only increased my leg's muscle mass, but has also slimmed them.  My favorite workout on the list is the side lunges.  I don't think I've ever done them before, but they are definitely hitting the spot!

Again, I couldn't find the back link to this, but I love this outfit!  I have always been a lover of the fall season, and this outfit just screams fall with the colors and cozy feeling of it.  I can't wait to dig my boots back out in a few months.  At this point that seems a ways away since we have been having 90+ degree weather.  I love everything about fall down to the smell in the air, but especially the foods, like apples, pumpkins, squashes.... mmmm!
This cartoon literally made me laugh for five minutes!  Not only do I hate that song, I want to do exactly that to anyone who starts to sing it.  Go Batman!

Hope everyone else's Monday was great.  I'm hoping to start posting more very soon.  I'm not sure how often I will be able to post recipes, so bare with me!  Hope some of you answer the question of the day:

What is one bad habit that you hate to admit to, and what are you going to do to create a good counter-habit?


  1. I could just copy and paste your list of bad habits; it's the same as mine! I am especially bad at the pinterest one--I have a couple thousand pins, and a couple thousand likes, but I never do any of them, and my house gets dirtier and dirtier. (I actually spent about an hour the other day organizing my pin boards, when I should have been organizing my kitchen or something! How embarrassing!) To help motivate myself to do more, I made a board called "Pins I Have Actually Done" and I repin the ones I did and write briefly about it.

    I love your blog! Keep it coming! Follow me! http://pinterest.com/debbierenee/

    1. I'm glad to hear that someone has a similar list of vices. I too get sucked into Pinterest for long periods of time! After my wedding a few weeks ago I actually deleted my wedding planning boards (GASP! I know), but it was actually quite liberating. I've also been thinking of making a board called "Done, done, and DONE!" so that I can start keeping track of what I do accomplish. Hopefully that will encourage me to be more productive!
      Thanks for reading- Amy