Dr. Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz Show and Medicine

Thanks for the positive feedback on the new blog design!  I like the white and brightness of it; I feel it gives me a better sense of clarity (hopefully my readers feel the same way).  I would also like to say welcome to any new readers!  Whether you are coming from Google or from the link I left in my comment on the Dr. Oz show Tuesday featuring Dr. Fuhrman and his life changing nutrition ideology, I hope any information or recipes you find on my blog is helpful to encourage you to make any changes that will help you to greater health!

Today I would like to discuss the topics presented on the Dr. Oz show today.  In my opinion, the topics that were presented this time that Dr. Fuhrman was on were much more to the point of the Nutritarian lifestyle: that your food determines your health by preventing western disease, while also allowing you to lose weight.  (On Dr. F's last appearance on the show, I felt that he was overly rushed and that the people selected from the audience were not good examples of people willing to make changes for their long-term health.)  Here are some good quotes from this episode that made some great points:

"Use food as your medicine"- Dr. Oz

"Let's say you brought your car to the mechanic because the dashboard was flashing: OIL OIL OIL!  When you took it in there, the mechanic cut the wire to the dashboard so you couldn't see the oil light flashing.  So, you continue to drive the car with no oil.  Well, medications give people a false sense that they are taking care of themselves.  [Over time]... they need more medications and more medications.  What I'm saying here is that medications function like permission slips to enable people to continue their diet styles which are causing the disease to inevitably advance."-Dr. Fuhrman

"Now we know that you don't have to have heart disease,  you don't have high blood pressure, you don't have to have diabetes, and we can win the war on cancer.  Food is the secret here."-Dr. Fuhrman

I know that I think often about the topics presented, but to those hearing it for the first time, I hope that it gives you hope and motivation.  Other topics discussed included the concept of Dr. F's flipped food pyramid, pictured below.  I think the pyramid makes a whole lot of sense.  I mean, why wouldn't you want to put the most amounts of the most nutritious foods on the bottom?
Another great visual for new-comers to have, in my opinion, is the picture representing nutrient density.  AKA, the amount of nutrients (micronutrients and phytonutrients) per calorie of food.  Also think of the volumes of food per calorie entering into your digestive system.

Did you see the Dr. Oz episode?  
What were your thoughts?


  1. I thought this go round was significantly better than the episode on dieting for weight loss. Although there is a correlation between weight and health, weight isn't the only thing ETL takes care of.

    1. I agree with you, better, but it still focused too much on weight loss rather than the larger picture benefits of the lifestyle, like never getting sick, never having a chronic illness, and improving and eliminating common problems like headaches, fatigue, constipation, and acne. I guess "rapid weight loss is a better tag line to get a larger viewership, which is a bit disappointing. At least we know better and hopefully others will learn with trying.

  2. I agree with Glenn that this show was significantly better than the previous episode BUT following it up with the Metabolism Type Diet in the same show which recommended meat and dairy was so disappointing.

    1. You know, I did not happen to watch the rest of the episode featuring the Metabolism Type Diet. This is mostly because the promotional snip-its during the early part of the episode made me roll my eyes so much, I just didn't even want to bother. It is very disappointing, however, that Dr. Oz is giving his viewers such mixed messages. On one hand it's great that he featured Dr. Fuhrman in the first place, but to immediately contradict a message like that is not good. Especially if he is a doctor truly wanting to help others. I would think my doctor at home to be pretty insane to suggest a vegan whole foods diet, then to leave the room and come back and talk about eating meat and dairy. It's confusing and doesn't help those truly looking for a long term health solution.
      Thanks for reading and joining in on the discussion- Amy