I'm Back!

Hello blogging community!  I'm happy to announce that I am back to regularly writing blog posts... FINALLY!  This summer was a bit of a whirlwind for me when it came to blogging.  Near the beginning of summer I had just graduated and went on a graduation trip with my mom down to Disneyland.  When we got back, I took yet another trip to Sequim, WA to see my fiance who was, unfortunately, going to be spending the summer away from me.  After I got back from THAT trip, I cracked down and started seriously looking for jobs.  After so many applications and interviews later, I accepted a job as an Administrative Assistant.  While it has nothing to do with my degree, I've enjoyed it none-the-less.  Then, the remainder of my summer was spent planning things for Kevin and my wedding on September 8th.  Well, that date has come and gone, and I am a happily married woman who is ready to find time and get back into two of her favorite hobbies: cooking and blogging!

Here is the new schedule I hope to have for my blog:

  • Monday: On Mondays I plan to do a post about a large batch of a recipe that I've made to help get me through with lunches for the week.  This will often include salads, grain dishes, and soups and stews.
  • Tuesday: Tuesdays I will have talks about nutrition, exercise, and mental and physical health.  If you have any topics that you would like me to discuss please let me know!
  • Wednesday: Sample daily meals and What I ate Wednesday
  • Thursday: Nutrition and Health in the media, and my opinions on it.
  • Friday: Healthy Vegan Fridays
  • Saturday: I will occasionally post on Saturday about whatever I feel like that day.
  • Sunday: Pinterest Sunday is when I will show you guys my favorite Pins from that week.  Checking out Pinterest is often something I do on Football Sundays when Kevin is preoccupied, so why not blog about it?

My last post before this one was the day before the Big Day (see post here) and I had requested any questions you might have for me.  Ok, so the question turnout wasn't so great, so to take some questions from posts in the past to find some questions to answer (I also added a few of my own).  Hope you enjoy!

  1. "How do you find eating Nutritarian during the winter?  The thought of having salads in the winter is not very appealing to me.
    • Personally, I love eating Nutritarian most in the colder months of the year.  I would much rather have a warm soup than a salad most days, and the winter gives me a bit more of an excuse to do that.  That said, raw vegetables are still important in your daily food intake, so I try to get my fresh greens in different ways.  One of my favorite is to have Green Smoothies (like my this one).  Another one of my favorites is to use fresh lettuce as the shell for wraps or tacos (like this recipe or this one).  So, just because you don't feel like eating a salad in the winter doesn't mean that you can't still get your fresh greens in.
  2. "Can I use that image you created for the 6-Week Eat To Live Challenge?"
    • Yes, anyone can use the image I provided as reference for when you do the Eat to Live 6-Week Challenge. Read about it and find the image Here!  This image can be used on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  I have no copyright issues and would be happy to hear if it helps others.
  3. "How were you able to eat Nutritarian with such a busy summer?"
    • I didn't because it was easier not to, and I regret it.  I feel like much of the progress I made over a few weeks of the summer was continually being undone by occasional bad eating and drinking a few nights a week.  Most of this was due to social circle influences, and it is always hard to say no to a crowd.  Also, from being busy and making such large life transitions, it was difficult to maintain nutritional excellence.  All I can say is that I tried, and now that things have settled down, I'm trying a lot harder.  Writing this blog really helps me to keep in the right mentality to make healthy choices, and for that I thank my readers :)
  4. "How was your wedding?"
    • To put it shortly, it was the best day of my life.  Kevin and I are so blessed to have had so many wonderful friends and family that made that day as special as it was.  The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was fun, and we danced and laughed all night.  I couldn't have asked for more!  Pictures and a video of our awesome first dance will be coming soon!  I promise!
  5. "What is your favorite fall food?"
Here is a question for my readers:  How do you like my new blog design and the schedule I'm planning on following?  Any other suggestions I could incorporate?


  1. HI! I just found your blog and I am super excited to be your newest follower! Schedule sounds GREAT! I am catching up on all your previous entries now! Happy new marriage also! xox!

    1. Welcome Mary, happy to have you reading! Enjoy reading up on past posts (especially the recipes), and thank you for the well wishes. Best, Amy

  2. Thanks for the answer to my question. Your blog looks good, very white and clean. You are going to be busy with your schedule, and will give me plenty to read no doubt. Glad your Wedding was your best day ever.

    1. Thanks Bec, I think I like the clean and bright look a lot better than the old design too. Yes, I agree, busy schedule! But, I feel like I've deprived myself of blogging too much this summer, so I'm playing some catch up. Thanks for reading, Amy

  3. great blog! great schedule! Also, your six week plan graphic is very helpful, I just printed a few for people who ask how I cured my RA and lost 30 lbs =)

    1. Thanks Cindy! I'm so glad that you find the 6-week graphic helpful, and please pass on! It's wonderful to hear what wonderful health results you've had from your lifestyle change. It's always great when your friends and family notice a difference in you and want to know just how you succeeded. Well done, and thanks for reading! -Amy

  4. Yay! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere and congrats on your weddding!!!

    1. Thanks Carrie! I look forward to catching up on reading the blogs I love like yours :) -Amy

  5. I love, love, love the new design! And so glad that you posted your pico de galo recipe, since you know that I loved it. :) Glad you enjoyed the soup recipe I just sent you, and will make sure to send you more. I've got a few more up my sleeve, including one using my gorgeous Anaheim chiles I grew this summer.

    1. Thanks Katie! Happy that you liked the Pico De Gallo recipe so much. It's always fun to post recipes that I've tried out on my guinea pigs (aka friends and family) hehe! I very much liked the soup recipe you sent me and I would love to try out more recipes you want to throw my way! I especially love the simple recipes like that soup that don't require too exotic of ingredients. I hope recipes like that are very approachable for my readers and encourage them to try new things.
      However, speaking of exotic ingredients.... I just went to the farmer's market in Liberty Lake with my friend Steph today and ended up getting some purple bell peppers. They smell so sweet and delicious! I can't wait to use them! Good luck with your Anakeim chiles!
      Loves- Amy