Day 3, Week 2

Wednesdays mean trivia night!  Every week we go to a local sports bar called Flamin' Joe's with family and friends for trivia.  Flamin' Joe;s is well known in the region for their spicy wings.  Generally, our team does fairly well (at least 3rd place), but this week we were shy of placing by about 5 points.  Darn!  My mom and sister-in-law just got back from their cruise vacation and were able to muster up some extra energy to still join us at trivia tonight.  Besides wings, Flamin' Joe's has tons of different foods, most of them fried, unfortunately.  In past weeks, I would have allowed myself to eat fried chips or fried potato bites, since they are technically vegetarian, but I am in a better mindset this week to know not to touch the stuff!

Today was actually filled with several temptations.  First of all, I refilled the M&M jars at work, then I set out the Costco cookies for the office, this time away from my desk and in the kitchen.  Then, in the evening, when having dinner with my family, my dad brought us each out a little cup of real mint ice cream.  It was such a nice gesture from him to my mom to give her a treat when she got home like she had been having on the cruise, but to me it was a bit torturous!  Luckily, someone else happily snagged up my portion of the ice cream (thank you!), so I wouldn't be tempted.  Then, later in the evening at Flamin' Joe's, our table ordered a basket of fried chips.... with spicy seasoning, which made it smell delicious!  Again, I said "No thank you", and stuck to my goals.  Yay me!

After the 6 weeks is over, I hope to be less tempted by things I shouldn't eat.  I think at this point it is less that I really want those things, and more that I am reaching for them out of habit.  Hopefully soon I will have better habits, such as reaching for a piece of fruit, that are easier to stick to.  Now on to my daily log....

Food Log:

  • Breakfast: 1/2 small watermelon, 1 banana, 1 apple
  • Lunch: salad with baby romaine lettuce, chickpeas, red onion, celery raisins, apples, and cilantro curry almond dressing; carrots and hummus
  • Dinner: Indian Chickpeas and Curry, Whole Wheat Vegan Naan, sweet curry kale salad, watermelon
  • Extras: Guacamole and chips snack before dinner, 1 beer at dinner, 2 beers at trivia
Exercise log:  I'm starting to think I shouldn't even include this in my log.... Ok, so I did nothing today, but I will come home from work tomorrow and go to the gym before my evening out with some girlfriends.... I will!

How I feel:   I am feeling so much more awake lately!  I have noticed my energy levels gradually increasing over the last two weeks.  And when my mom got back from her vacation today, she said that it seemed like night and day for how I am now, and that is a great thing!  Before the start of my 6-weeks on Eat to Live, I was very sluggish and tired all the time.  I had had issues with migraines starting from "TMJ" pains, but I haven't gotten the hint of a migraine since starting last Monday.  All I can say that if this is just the start of the benefits of truly committing to Eat to Live, I can't wait to see how I feel after 6 weeks!

What health issues have improved or seemed to disappear with a healthy change in your diet?  Does this give you more incentive to really stick-to-it?


  1. aw, trivia night sounds like so much fun! i may need to start that tradition with my friends!

    1. It's definitely something fun to look forward to during the week. I just wish there were healthier food options at the one we go to!

  2. Great job getting to the gym! Working out is a huge priority for me, but even though I have a cross-trainer and weights at home (and often just go running instead), it's still sometimes hard to fit it in. I literally schedule it like an appointment on my daily calendar, or it won't happen. Sad how hard it is to put ourselves first sometimes. Enjoy your weekend. :-)

    1. Thanks Gwen! I'm starting to learn to make it more of a priority. As I am feeling better and losing some weight, I am feeling more confident to try harder workouts. Although, I am quite sore today from doing body weight exercises lately! Good idea to schedule every workout, I bet that works much better for you. Have a great weekend :)