Day 4, Week 2

I am happy that today is my Friday!  At my work we have every other Friday off as a company-wide initiative to save on energy and gas.  Yay for being environmentally friendly AND giving me some three day weekends :).  Since tomorrow is my day off and my mom is back in town, we are planning on spending the afternoon together and going to check out a spice store close by.  I'm hoping to find some Indian spices I have been looking everywhere for!  Perhaps some new spices tomorrow will bring inspiration for a new recipe post.  But for now, on to my daily log...

Food Log:

  • Breakfast: 1/2 small watermelon
  • Lunch: whole wheat crackers, small cup of leftover chili, kale salad with cucumbers and ginger dressing
  • Dinner: thai tofu lettuce wraps, a bite or two of creme brulee
  • Extras: 1 beer, 1 Dr. Fuhrman brownie

Exercise Log: Be prepared to be proud of this blogger...
  • 20 minutes on the treadmill, jogging for one mile and walking the rest of the time
  • 5 minutes solid of ab workouts
  • legs and hip flexer workout
  • squats and lunges
  • 5 sets of 5 pushups

How I feel:  I'm happy that I was finally able to get my booty to the gym!  Positive talking is where it was at!  Yesterday I said, I will go to the gym, and I did not let myself down.  In the end, I felt great for sweating out some of my thoughts and stresses, and it was nice to feel my muscles warm and working.  As for eating today, I feel like I did pretty well at sticking to it, even though I had dinner out with some girlfriends tonight.  In the past I maybe would have ordered a pasta or pizza from the restaurant we went to, but instead, I ordered an appetizer of lettuce wraps.  Not only did this keep my check costs down, it kept my portion of food at a reasonable level.  Although I could tell the food was way over-salted, I was happy to have so much lettuce to offset it with.  Overall, I feel like I need to get more fresh fruits in, but I am needing to go to the grocery store to stock up tomorrow.  Perhaps I'll take a walk over to a local fruit stand about a mile from our apartment.  Exercise and fresh fruit?  Doesn't get much better than that!

What is your motivation to get yourself to go to the gym?  Do you find it a chore?  How do you feel when you are done?


  1. Hi Amy, just wanted to thank you for posting your six week plan. I follow a mostly vegan diet and aspire to follow Dr. Fuhrman's nutritarian guidelines but have never followed through on the six week plan. It is motivating to see you are living a "normal" life and dealing with the challenges that arise when not eating a SAD diet. It sounds like your family and friends are supportive? That is wonderful. My work environment is challenging as well. Great job and keep it up! Thanks, Debbie

  2. Hi Debbie, I'm so glad that my explanation of the E2L 6-week plan was useful to you. I will not lie, I have challenges every day to maintain a healthy Nutritarian lifestyle, but I find that the harder I stay at it, the easier the right choices are. My two lifsavers are my family and planning ahead! I'm lucky that my parents are also Nutritarian and going home can truly be a food safe haven, and my husband has always been encouraging although he doesn't eat this way.... Yet ;). Planning meals ahead of time also has helped me stay on track! Big batches of healthy soups and salads are my best food friends! Thanks so much for the encouragement! Good luck with transitioning to a Nutritarian lifestyle. Please feel free to come to me with any questions.